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          Training & Consulting


          about us

          Shanghai Enterprise Security Management Consult (ESMC) founded in 2010, we always focus on operational management improvement and the most important resource – Human resources, the sustainable development of HR for its clients.
          Enterprise Security Management Consulting (ESMC) has developed a talented & dedicated consulting team in the last decade that can provide value-added and top standard training and consultancy in the fields of quality, operations, purchase & supply chain, general management skills and management system standards. ESMC has differentiated itself by its special project service model and customized training programs. With these core competencies – talents and service model –ESMC has become one of the most recognized and competitive brands in Eastern Regions of China. 
          Based in Shanghai, ESC has established branches in major cities in the area, such as Suzhou and Dongguan. It has provided service to more than 5,000 clients since it was founded, among which more than 1,000 are Fortune 500, large state-owned and premium private enterprises.
          As a professional consulting organization dedicating in operational management, we aim at supporting clients to improve quality and performance, to reduce operation risks, to protect reputation, and to ensure a sustainable development by sharing the best practices in industries we understand and dedicating systematic service processes.
          We cherish all the opportunities offered by our clients, including those from you. We will continue to leverage all possible resources and efforts to provide the most professional training and consultancy services to our respectable clients and ultimately to assist clients to realize maximum values.
          ☆ 主營業務Core business
          企業管理咨詢,體系認證咨詢,產品認證,驗廠咨詢 等
          Enterprise management consulting, system certification consulting, product certification, factory inspection consulting etc…
          ☆ 經驗 Experience
          Most teachers have more than a decade of consulting and training experience
          With nearly 3000 management system project consulting experience
          5,000 enterprises , more than 10,000 people open classes / house training .
          ☆ 規模
          Have branches in Suzhou , Suoqian, and Dongguan
          Nearly 100 employees, of which more than 70 consultants / trainers, consultants can use English and Japanese service


          Corporate Values





          Company Concept


          • 誠信,專業,創新,用心,一切皆有可能!

            Integrity,professionalization,innovation,take in heart,nothing is impossible!

          • 誠信:人與人之間,組織與組織之間,誠信是最基本的價值觀,也是我們不容突破的道德底線!

            Integrity: integrity is the foundation of relationship not only between individuals but also between organizations. It is the bottom line we can’t afford to breakthrough.

          • 專業:惟有專業,才能依每個顧客的特殊屬性,度身輔導!

            Professional : only professional , can be in accordance with the special attributes of each customer , tailored counseling

          • 創新:持續不斷的創新提供了我們向前的源源動力!

            Innovation: continuous innovation is the source power for us to become stronger every single day.

          • 用心:想客戶所想,做客戶所需!

            Take in Heart : Do what customers think , do what customers need !

          雙贏:在我們的業務活動中,客戶和我們都能夠獲得成功是我們的目標! Win-win: Our ultimate business goal is to ensure success for both our clients and ourselves.
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